Monday, December 28, 2009

One Nap Transition

How do you know when your baby/toddler is ready for only ONE NAP a day?

Hallie has been taking one good nap (1 hr 30 min) and then screaming the whole time for her second nap. I figured that was a good sign that she is ready for only one nap, but then she is getting 5 teeth all at the same time (which could throw things off). Plus she still acts tired later in the day.

WHEN did your kids make the transition to one nap and was it longer than 1 hr 30 min.?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Morning Sickness Help!

Those of you who don't read my personal family blog might not know that I'm PREGNANT! Baby number #2 is coming in the beginning of July.

My question is thus...
What did you use to help with morning sickness-or should I say ALL DAY sickness?

I'm already taking half of a unison pill and half of a B6 pill. The two together have helped but I'm still so so sick.

HELP!! I'm desperate.