Thursday, September 16, 2010

Milk Supply

I have witnessed a miracle at my house. My little guy who wouldn't/couldn't sleep for longer than literally a few minutes, even in your arms, has started sleeping on his own. (He has bad reflux and is now on meds.) It started out with 2 hour blocks of time and has gradually increased. Last night he went a whole 7 hours on his own. I LOVE it and it has made me a happy mom again.

My question is do I keep up my milk supply? I'm worried that with him eating so little during the night and then wanting to eat so much during the day my body is going to be super confused and not produce as much milk. Am I crazy for thinking this? Is there a way to keep up my supply without waking up and pumping?


  1. I think this is totally normal. Babies are supposed to sleep more at night. Your body might take a few days to adjust to the change (and feel very full in the morning). He'll eat during the day and your supply will adjust according to his demand -- less at night more during the day. Remember what I told you just happened to me?? Trust me...bodies definitely adjust to the demand. I think you'll be just fine. Just enjoy all those hours of consecutive sleep!!!

  2. Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to the babies eating needs. You shouldn't need to do anything extra unless you have a history of not producing enough. Your body will learn to slow production at night after a few days.

  3. Agree with everyone. No need to do anything. Your body figures it out on it's own. Yeah for the little guy sleeping through the night!

  4. ya, agree too. Kyler did the same thing. Some mornings he would nurse a couple extra times in the morning, but for the most part he could get his fill even after sleeping 12 hours straight.


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