Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poop Clothes

I have a SUPER POOPER on my hands. What do you use to get out those nasty stains. I don't want to lose any more clothes!


  1. There is a bar of soap called Fels Naptha that you can only find at Maceys grocery stores in Utah. I rub that on, then scrub it together under water. If it is really bad, rub it on and let it soak. I haven't lost anything yet when I have used that.
    I also know my sister uses that and soaks hers in Biz too if that helps.

  2. Ha ha, I have one of those! ;) I use the dreft stain remover spray and let it soak in about 10 min then scrub a minute... works for me! If it doesn't all come out put it out in the sun to bleach it... that really works!


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