Friday, January 21, 2011

Going from 1 baby to 2

Cute Marci needs advice:

"So as i am preparing to welcome a new baby into our house in the next 3 1/2 months i am wondering if there is any advice, tips, etc that any of you moms of more than one would like to offer. I like reading what others think, it helps me form my own opinions of what needs to be done, or how things need to be done. The advice could range from how you prepared your first for the second, he will be almost 2, anything you prepared for in your homes/lives before or wish you would have done before the new baby arrived. Really any advice."


  1. The one thing we did for our daughter when our son arrived was wrap a gift that we told her was from the baby and gave her when she came to visit Mom and baby at the hospital. She was really unhappy about the baby once he was there and that softened things up a little.

  2. Just enjoy the time you have with just one child, because obviously, it will never be like that again. So enjoy it. Spend lots of time with kid #1. Soak in all the good sleep now.

  3. It will take some time to get used to juggling two kids, but it will come to you quickly. It is so nice for them to have a buddy to play with all the time. I've found that having two is easier than just having one because they occupy each other.

  4. Get all the sleep in now that you can!! haha I think that is the hardest part about having #2. You don't sleep at night and then you can't sleep during the day when the baby does because you have the toddler to chase after. It does get better though so just remember that the hard times will pass and soon they will be playing together. There is nothing so sweet as watching your kids play together. :)

    I also got Hallie a little present when the baby was born. I tried to make it special for her too. She is still transitioning to less attention but it will come with time.

    Good luck Marci. You are going to have one beautiful little girl!


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