Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Products You Can't Live Without

Emily is about to have her second baby (YAY!) and has asked for our help. So moms let's get to it. :)

"I was writing a wish/shopping list of things to buy for this baby boy and started wondering what other mom's have found to be "baby products that they can't live without". There are so many things out there, and lots of reviews, but I don't have the time to research it all to know what works best and is worth a purchase. I would love to know what other mom's can't live without. And one particular item in question is a diaper pail. I didn't get one with Olivia, but am considering buying one for this guy. Is it worth it, and if so, which one is best overall?"


  1. These bibs are my MUST HAVE. Once I started using them I didn't want to use any other. They catch falling food, clean well in the sink (though orange food may stain, oh well,) and are easy to roll up and stick in the diaper bag for on the go.

    I am curious the advice you get on the diaper pail because I am also considering getting one for my second baby due in April.

  2. I've liked my Diaper Champ because I can use regular trash bags in it.
    My biggest thing I would recommend is an Ergo. I'm about to have my third and the ergo made a huge difference with my second. I grocery shopped with her in it, cooked, whatever. I got it at 9 months (wished I had done it earlier) and used it up until she was 2. I would still be using it but have had issues with preterm labor so I'm not allowed to lift her anymore. Seriously it is that comfortable that I don't mind having all 30 lbs of her on my back though. I'm excited to have it with my next baby. Good luck!

  3. I have never had a diaper pail but I have had the special blue bags that hide the bad scent of dirty diapers. (They sell them at babies r'us etc) I loved using them because I could still put the soiled diaper in my regular trash but never smelled it.

  4. I loved Aveeno washes and lotions for my little guy when he was a baby- he had really sensitive skin and this helped tremendously. As far as a diaper pail, I had a diaper genie and used it when he was a baby, but honestly now I 1. don't like to pay what it costs to get the refills because his diapers are so big that it fills it up so quickly (he's almost 2 now), and 2. when you open it, it still stinks! I prefer the blue bags that Brittany mentioned, that way I can just tie it off and put it in my trash and not have to worry or smell it.

  5. I've never had a diaper pail, and after 3 kids, would never even think of buying one. Our trash can has a good lid, so tying up diapers in plastic bags works fine for us.
    For my most recent baby a friend gave me a "Boon Squirt." Loved it so much, and I always had mom's asking me about when I was out and about feeding my little guy. Here's a link to the product, but I've seen other knockoffs at my local grocery store.

    While I'm on feeding, I also love the new style of baby food pouches. There are tons of brands that make them now. But they didn't exist with my first two kids. I LOVE THEM! Much like the Boon Squirt, they make feeding on the go so much easier.

  6. Mylicon is great for baby gas. They also have generic brands available that work well.

    Gripe water is also great, but can go bad. It cures hiccups and helps with gas too.

    I LOVE my baby swing. It's the snuggle bunny one. It has been a life saver when my daughter wasn't sleeping well unless she was being rocked.

    Also, no pail. ALL of them will/do smell and it's less expensive to just take out the trash a bit more. We individually bag them in spare grocery bags.

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